Welcome To KindHeartedWomen.com!

We started KHW to help caring women find the best ways and places to donate their time, effort, and love to help others. Through our program research, women around the world have found excellent charitable programs near them to give back to their communities and earn the fulfilling feeling we’re all looking for.

On our Programs page you’ll find resources for whatever type of program you’re interested in whether it be volunteering, donating, or simply helping in your community. We encourage all women to investigate programs locally near them to find what fits your lifestyle best but we’ve tried to do as much legwork here as possible to point you in the right direction.

Getting Started

In many volunteering programs there are requirements that the organization has of its volunteers. Often times photo ID is required or registering fingerprints for youth organizations. Make sure to check with your program ahead of time to insure you have all necessary items handy.

We also recommend a few things before getting started with your giving. It’s good to have a flu shot as you’ll be exposed to different environments and it’s also a good idea to learn basic life support techniques like CPR from an online provider like SafeNowCPR.com.

Visit our Programs page now to review our recommended programs and begin the search for how you can help today.

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